Behavioural Treatment for Marijuana and Other Substance Dependency

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Eric left us a message two weeks ago. During one of our courtesy follow-up phone calls we managed to get a hold of him and see if we could offer support. At the time, Eric was 18 days sober from Marijuana and longer from other substances. Eric stated he had been using Marijuana to help him cope with his withdrawals from “harder” substances; “coming down slowly” as he put it. However, Eric felt the longer he continued using Marijuana, the longer it would keep him the circle of substance users and increase his chances of relapse with the harder drugs. He also said that Marijuana was benefitting him because if he went cold turkey it would make him want to use faster because drugs have been his only coping method for a very long time. Eric wants a behavioural counsellor or program to help him break the cycle of dependence. Learn more about behavioural programs and recovery behaviours here: Since Eric has been sober for almost a month he did not think it was necessary to attend a residential program. Rather, he felt best suited towards an outpatient program. Based on the information he provided us, we developed a good understanding of Eric’s situation and needs. We put him in contact with Life Science if since he was going to pay for counselling (or otherwise be waitlisted for public mental health) he should consider talking with them as they are located nearby and would give him the support he was asking for. Life Science Addiction Treatment Center 114 Rue Kimpton, Rigaud, QC J0P 1P0 Phone: (450) 451-9995 Fax: (450) 451-9995 Website: E-Mail: An English-speaking fee-for-service co-ed treatment program for adults 18+. There are 30, 60, 90 day primary treatment programs with a 10 day maintenance program. Contact: Marjorie Clarke (Clinical director) at 450.451.0799    ...

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